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Tuesday, 21 May 2019
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cross-platform video editor
Media processing framework
Kino and dvgrab
Non-linear DV video editor for Linux
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Firewire drivers for Linux

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Projects status report  
Saturday, 24 July 2004

Here is a quick rundown on the status of my projects:

MLT - This has not seen too much attention since we completed our contract. Do I need to cut a new release? Charlie has been giving it more love and has created script bindings using swig. We are both really digging Ruby. See the enclosed Vizinni Ruby-based MLT media player!

Kino and dvgrab - I have applied all outstanding patches and addressed everything needed to cut new releases after perhaps a tad more testing. This is nice.

libiec61883 - This has received the most of my attention lately and is nearing a first release. More on this in another post, but, in brief, it is the new API for Linux 1394-based media I/O. On my new system, DV transmission is not working using the new libraw1394 iso API--neither in libiec61883 or in a simple, separate standalone utility. So, I have to debug through libraw1394 and various kernel layers to find the bug. That sucks.

libdv - I also did a fair amount of work recently on libdv to prepare the recent 0.103 release.