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Tuesday, 21 May 2019
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MidPoint Music Festival  
Monday, 27 September 2004

For my wife's birthday, on Friday Sept. 24, we ate at this nice Mediterranean/Middle Eastern restaurant called Mejana. Then, we attended the MidPoint Music Festival to take in a lot of live music. I like all sorts of music, and the festival was great at providing a choice.

First, for the 9 o'clock hour we saw this band called the Oxymoronotrons -  what a funny name! They were over-the-top when it came to novely and gimmickery and the volume was too loud and acoustics too bad resulting in severe head pain as feedback coursed through our skulls. However, I really digged this remote control, robotic drum kit they built. It took some decent battlebot-engineering skills to develop that sucker. And it worked, how impressive! Then, we went downstairs of the 1120 building to hear a more harmonious and melodic power pop band called The Gentlemen. They were okay. I was interested in seeing the Michelangelo band at Barrel House Brewery. We arrived about half way through the last song; I did not realize the sets were so short. Too bad because they sounded good - pop/rock with a jazz fusion flair - I really dig that sort of stuff.

For the 10 o'clock hour we went to the Cavern upstairs. The bartender told us that her boyfriend was in The Gentlemans we just saw in the last hour. Apparantly, they were a brand new outfit with only 2 practices and lineup changes. So, they were very impressive considering the circumstances. However, the band that played at 10 at Covern upstairs, called Denovo, just totally rocked; we stayed for their entire set! It is always great to hear great jams and riffs like they can put out, but it is even better when they have moments of  interesting interplay between various guitars and drums. I wanted to see them because the CityBeat guide compared them to At The Drive In, whom I really dig, and I was not disappointed even though it is very difficult to expect any band to be near as good as ATDI. Also, Denovo is a very original, original, and easy-to-remember name.

For the 11 o'clock hour, we stumbled around various venues, but we did not like any of the acts we saw. However, I did get to catch up with an old acquaintence, mighty Joe Clark. Apparantly, I had missed our mutual acquaintence Chris' band (I forget his last name). After the 11th hour sets, a gal approached outside to promote her boyfriend's band and sell a CD. We did not get to see/hear them. She told us they are called The Wankers. I responded with a "what a great name!" She said there website is at damnwankers.com, and I said "even better."  So, I bought a CD - what the hell I like to gamble on music sometimes. The CD is not too bad; great when you are in the mood for some fun, scrappy garage-band-like punk.

I kinda forget the midnight hour as we put down quite a few drinks, but apparantly nothing was exceptional. Oh wait, now I remember, we took in a few rock bands before settling in with the Fairmount Girls. The Fairmount Girls are reliable local indie act that don't suck. Well, we had a great time overall, and we really appreciate the MidPoint effort by all.