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Tuesday, 21 May 2019
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Tuesday, 28 September 2004

I attended my first Cincinnati GNU/Linux Users Group meeting this past Saturday. We talked about blogging and content management tools. I have been getting into this more lately especially the more pure blogging side - syndication and regularly update, diary-like blogs with RSS and RSS aggregators.

I have been using the Sage Mozilla FireFox extension for reading, but have been overlapping reading and not having a consistent set of subscriptions between home and work. Jim Weirich turned me onto to bloglines.com for centrally managing subscriptions with read marks and notifications. Great, except it is a web app, and I don't like using web apps to try to manage my browsing. I like browser sidebars/extensions or RSS readers with an integrated browser. So, I asked, do they provide RSS feeds of my subscriptions?

Well, today I got my answer because bloglines.com announced new web services!

Also, you can see on my site, that I have added a list of my (public ;-) subscriptions in the left-hand column, which is called a blogroll. Also, I added to my site an RSS newsfeed of my most recently added del.icio.us links. I now centrally manage bookmarks again like I used to do with backflip.com. I once programmed for a client a multi-user bookmark-management service in ASP and SQL that could display a nice, cross-browser DHTML tree view in the side bars of IE, Mozilla, and Opera! Also, it had buttons to add to the browser toolbar for adding links. Instead of RSS, because it was not popular at the time, I added an export to RDF/XML. I don't bother doing anything with that code because I am already consumed by other interests. Same goes for a lot of other interesting code I have written for a platform I don't really care about that much anymore.