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Tuesday, 21 May 2019
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Presidential Debates  
Friday, 22 October 2004

During the first two debates, each time I noticed something particularly unsettling George W. Bush said. We are all aware of his lack of speaking skills, but I think these two examples go beyond mishap because of the boastfullness in his tone when he spoke them. Besides, the very absurd nature of their assertion reveals a deep character flaw in this president. In the first debate, he said "I just know how this world works," and in the second he said "I know how these people think." I recommend you click the Google "Cached" link in each of these so it is easier to find them on the page (highlighted). The links are to the debate transcripts as a proof and so you can put them into some context as it is not really fair to use sound bites with no context. To me they are so absurd that they reflect cluelessness, an oversized ego, and a lack of respect to other nations and their leaders. There are many points to go around on with respect to the politics and the campaigns, but I did not hear others talk about these assertions, so I just wanted to raise them.