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Tuesday, 21 May 2019
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Kino Debian plugins and linux1394 udev  
Friday, 29 October 2004

At bloglines.com, I created a search for "Linux Kino" to find new blog posts in the wild. Yesterday, roland announced he has taken over maintaining the Debian Kino plugin packages for dvtitler, timfx, and kinoplus. I just want to send my thanks.

He also mentions the need to make udev more aware of linux1394. I agree, and I think there might be enough in sysfs to make this happen. I started looking into how to make udev rules, but have not followed through yet. In the next two weeks, there will be a new release of libraw1394 and the first release of libiec61883. With libiec61883, dv1394 becomes deprecated as well as the amdtp and cip modules. However, not yet video1394. Disregarding video1394 for the moment, this means all that is required now is a single /dev/raw1394 for any number of host adapters and just about any device (even digital camera apps that use video1394 need it) except sbp2. So, a first and basic rule could be to simply create /dev/raw1394. Then, I will see about creating video1394 dev entries, which will be harder.