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Tuesday, 21 May 2019
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cross-platform video editor
Media processing framework
Kino and dvgrab
Non-linear DV video editor for Linux
Linux 1394
Firewire drivers for Linux

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New Job  
Tuesday, 25 January 2005

I am sitting in the Pacific Coast Brewing Co. pub (they have wireless access point) next to my hotel in downtown Oakland, California where I have started a new job. I type this on my new laptop computer for work. I now work at MobiTV as a software engineer in Berkeley, California. I started working for MobiTV in November when someone there sought me asking advice on how to do mulitple, simultaneous DV capture over Firewire in Linux. I was facing very tight finances with my current job at the time and agreed to 10 hours per week as sidework. The work proceeded went well for the both of us. My contact there, Alan Moskowitz, offered me a full time position shortly before Christmas. I flew out there December 28, while on vacation, to check it out, have some interviews, and do a little on-site work. The rest is history.

P.S. Basically, as sidework, MobiTV funded quite a bit of work on libiec61883, and my adaptation of dvgrab to libiec61883, which is forthcoming a release, as well as bugfix for ffmpeg pending submission.