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Tuesday, 21 May 2019
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RSS enclosures on Mambo  
Saturday, 05 February 2005

A couple of months ago, my friend at CincinnatiRock.com and Delagrange.Tv became interested in my explanations of podcasting. Since I suggested and we use Mambo CMS v4.5 for CincinnatiRock.com, he contracted me to make changes to allow publishing enclosures (aka attachments) to content items. I did my research and decided upon mosDocuments and RSSXT. RSSXT provides the foundation for RSS 2.0, which is required for using the enclosure tag. The real interesting part is mosDocuments, which is not a simple addin component for Mambo. It makes database and PHP changes to existing Mambo code. However, it is fairly minimal. Basically, it is an extension of the content item Images functionality. However, it is more generic and just inserts links to files into the content if desired. I had to make changes to each project to make it all work. There were also some changes I made to allow uploading MP3 via the Media Manager and content editor. Now, I need to find the time to prepare patches.

Here is an example to an "enclosed" MP3 as inserted using a mambot: Can you understand this? (63 KB)

Be sure to check the RSS XML feed from my site to see it happening. I have not yet tested this with any ipodder software as I do not even own an iPod or like-device. Instead, I use bashpodder running via a cron job, which I still need to test against my feed!


Some readers have asked for the low down -- er, I mean download -- on the Mambo, mosDocuments, and RSS_XT component modifications. I have prepared patches in this zip:
mambo_rss_enclosures.zip (4 KB)

It is based on Mambo 4.5 1.07 with the mosDocuments 1.2 modification linked above and RSS XT component 2.0b1. You must install the component and mosDocument before running patch. The mambo and mosDocuments patches apply from the root of the mambo directory, assuming you have unzipped to the mambo directory:
patch -p0 < mambo-4.5-1.07.patch
patch -p0 < mosdocuments-1.2.patch

Then, cd to components/com_rssxt to apply the rssxt patch:
patch -p0 < ../../rssxt-2.0b1.patch

Please do use the patch option "--dry-run" before running it without to make sure you have a clean apply before the real thing! Also, feel free to view the patches to see what I have done. Most of the Mambo and mosDocuments patches simply remove rules that limit listed documents based upon file extension. Or, in the case of the Media Manager, I changed what file extensions are permitted by removing support for Office document types. You really should not putting Office documents on the web anyway - they are vessels for viruses and worms! Instead of doc, xls, and ppt, it now accepts avi, mp3, mp4, and ogg. So, you can upload through media manager. If you are using a WYSIWYG editor with an upload feature, that is not modified.

Finally, as you edit a content item, you attach files using the new Documents tab, and include them in the item using the [mosdocument] mambot.