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Tuesday, 21 May 2019
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Integrating bashpodder, bittorrent and Netjuke  
Saturday, 05 February 2005
I subscribe to a few podcasts,and I automated the download using a bashpodder script in a cron job. One of the contributed scripts on the bashpodder site integrates bittorrent for those feeds using it like Evil Genius Chronicles. Not many feeds are using bittorrent, but I am very interested in RSS feeds with video enclosures. With video, I think bittorrent is more relevant. I modified the script because it did some additional things using utilities I do not have or really need. The enclosures it downloads are in a directory accessible by my Netjuke installation. Then, another cron job tells netjuke to index new music files. I could just add this task to the end of my bashpodder script. I am interested in extending this concept to video now too. More exciting articles to come on that subject! What is the best frontend for a video collection: Gallery, Netjuke, or something else?