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Tuesday, 21 May 2019
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AAC LATM Hinting  
Tuesday, 24 May 2005

Today, I submitted a patch to the GPAC project to add support for hinting AAC audio in 3GPP files for streaming to mobile phones. The patch was originally developed by my coworker, James Roseborough, against gpac-0.1.4. I updated it against current CVS (quite a bit of changes) and cleaned it up a bit. MobiTV uses it to prepare clips for SprintTV.

If you are using Kino 0.7.6, then it includes a 3GP export script that shows up under Export/DV Pipe if you have ffmpeg compiled against libfaac. When you download GPAC, apply the patch, and install it, the script detects MP4Box in your path, and it offers an option menu to choose hinted or unhinted output. This 3GPP profile currently only outputs MPEG-4 Video and AAC Audio and not H.263 and AMR audio. We have found the phones to be more reliable playing AAC than AMR. The resolution is QCIF (176x144) at about 48Kbps. So, if you choose hinted output and then put the file in Darwin Streaming Server's movies directory, you can play it to some phones. I have the Samsung A700, Sanyo 7400, and Sanyo 5600.