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Tuesday, 21 May 2019
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Ourmedia Progress  
Wednesday, 06 July 2005

I am trying to do my little part to help advance the state of Ourmedia.org. Using my newly found Python programming skills developed through work, I grabbed the source code to the Ourmedia Publisher tool to try to make it work good for Linux. The good news is that I only needed to add two lines to the main code file ompub.py to make it work good for me at uploading video. There are some little problems I ran into, of which I have made a list and intend to try to fix. Also, there is just much more functionality there than I have explored like embedding metadata into certain file formats like MP3.

Nevertheless, I did successfully uploaded an MP4 video file to ourmedia.org using the Publisher tool on Linux. The problem at ourmedia.org now is that the MP4 embedded into the page does not play in Firefox neither on Windows with Quicktime or Linux with mplayer-plugin. I submitted a forum post with my suggestions. If click through the More link on this post, you can test the implementation of those changes.

Next up, I will be working on Ogg Theora support at ourmedia.org.