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Tuesday, 21 May 2019
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cross-platform video editor
Media processing framework
Kino and dvgrab
Non-linear DV video editor for Linux
Linux 1394
Firewire drivers for Linux

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Interview on Linux Link Tech Show  
Sunday, 02 October 2005

For my work on Kino, I was interviewed in the latest episode (#103) of The Linux Link Tech Show and podcast. I have been a listener of the show for some time. The first radio show that introduced me to podcasting was, believe it or not, Dot Net Rocks. I stopped listening to Dot Net Rocks when they decided to split up the serious (interviews) from the humour. Also, eventually, I moved on from .NET development and had no real interest in the subject any longer. TLLTS reminds me of the original, classic formula of DNR, a formula I rather like.