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Tuesday, 21 May 2019
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dvgrab 2.1 released  
Saturday, 23 December 2006

Tonight I released 2.1 of dvgrab. It is not being worked on much lately. However, recently I learned of a new program called Stopmotion that can use dvgrab. I tried it and ran into a little problem. It was telling dvgrab to write to a file named "capturedfile.jpg" but dvgrab was writing to "capturedfile.jpg.jpg." That was easy to workaround by making a symbolic link. However, this version fixes that: when using --jpeg-overwrite, if you give it a filename ending with .jpg or .jpeg, it will not add a redundant filename extension. I also changed the dvgrab command line in Stopmotion Preferences/Video Input. Change the "--frames" to "--every" and add a '&' to the very end of the command to put it into the background.

Another change in this dvgrab release is for camera mode on your device. Now, when you press the record button on the camera, dvgrab will capture to file, and when you press it again to stop recording, dvgrab stops capturing to file as well. As a result, it behaves more like your camera's tape recorder. It works very nice when you combine it with --autosplit to generate a new file for each shot.