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Tuesday, 21 May 2019
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cross-platform video editor
Media processing framework
Kino and dvgrab
Non-linear DV video editor for Linux
Linux 1394
Firewire drivers for Linux

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Obligatory Welcome Note  
Saturday, 17 July 2004

Welcome to my newly redesigned Web site! I used to be a very active corporate web developer, but I have not been very active on a personal level. This is not to say I plan to be much more active on the web any time soon, however ;-). I just have been feeling the need to do more writing because I have been enjoying reading others' blogs. Also, I wanted to restore a way to maintain a digital photo album, maintain news and events for the family, and create a central place to describe what is happening in my various projects, of which there is quite a few!

This site is running on this fantastic piece of web server software I discovered called Mambo. I used to do a lot of development of custom content management systems for commercial web sites as well as portals, electronic commerce, document management, and intranet web applications. I had become proficient in HTML 2.0 in 1994, and by June, 1996 I was using the beta versions of Lotus Domino for a managed website and from gained experience with Microsoft Active Server Pages, Cold Fusion, Oracle Application Server, PHP, Vignette StoryServer, and a little Java. So, I am not easy to impress. I have other active project interests and no interest in developing my own applications to manage and run the above-mentioned things. So, I heard good things about PostNuke and started exploring alternatives on http://www.opensourcecms.com/ -- another fantastik resource! I took the plunge with Mambo, and it is amazing; I highly recommend it over most commercial solutions.