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Tuesday, 21 May 2019
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cross-platform video editor
Media processing framework
Kino and dvgrab
Non-linear DV video editor for Linux
Linux 1394
Firewire drivers for Linux

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This site's design  
Saturday, 17 July 2004

I can not take credit for the design and graphics work on this site. I picked up this Mambo template at Mambo Hut. There are currently close to 300 templates to choose from! Now, this template turned out to be perfect for me because I wanted to use the sight to blog a lot about my Linux-based Free Software and Open Source software developement projects. So, this theme perfectly complements that! In addition, for my highest profile project, Kino, a former co-worker, who is a graphic designer named John Hendricks, designed a logo and splash image. This graphic design is very similar to the Kino logo design. See:


There was actually more to the original splash image, but we removed it since from Kino and extracted the above for our About dialog.

Addendum: I need to revise this design some. I want to ditch the right-hand column. Also, I  would like to make it more scalable, but it's hard to do with this banner and footer.